Who Is FJET Council?

FJET Council works tirelessly to organize the very best events and activities in Fukui. Want to know more about the people behind the scenes? You’re on just the right page.

FJET Council is a appointed volunteer leadership position for CIR or ALT members of the FJET association. There are 11 positions that one can be appointed to and these positions represent not only FJET but also the Fukui JET Program(me) community at large. We are often a way for expats and Japanese residents interested in meeting expats to come together and create a safe and inviting community.

Elections for FJET Council usually begin in May and turnover is completed by the beginning of July.

First Year Representatives not pictured above.

Your 2019-2020 FJET Council:

Nyssa Giangregorio and Natasha Taliferro

Community Liaisons
Chrisseria Seymour and Iggy Jeffery

Volunteer Coordinator
Natasha Taliferro

Southern Representative(s)
Maggie Beer

Social Secretaries
Ashley Young and Tanya Jn Baptiste

JETFuel Editors
Nikkole Martin and Leah Burkett

Sports Representative
Angus Langmuir

Geoffrey Palmer

Tanya Jn Baptiste

First Year Representatives
Kaitlyn Erhmantrout
Nikki L. Hartford

Previous Councils/Committees