What is FJET?

For those of you who arrived in Tokyo through the JET Program(me), do you remember the people who wore bright t-shirts? You know, the ones that greeted you as soon as you got out of customs, the people who answered your questions as soon as you checked into your hotel room, the folks who coordinated orientation workshops and so much more? Those were the fine people of AJET, the organization that supports all JET Program(me) participants throughout Japan.

FJET is very similar to AJET; it just runs on a much more local scale. FJET is here to assist JETs throughout Fukui by offering a network of support, sound advice, an open ear, and through coordinating events for everyone to enjoy throughout their time in Fukui.

FJET is able to do all of the above because it is funded by a one-time, lifetime membership fee of ¥2500. Every yen goes back into the community by subsidizing FJET events, keeping our blog online, and by going to charities such as volunteer activities and FJET’s own Smile Kids Japan .

Joining FJET not only gives you the good feeling that comes with supporting a good cause, becoming a member also gives you discounts to most FJET-organized events, and ultimately helps you, and all your fellow Fukuians, stay informed and involved with the Fukui community.

Already a member and want to become more involved with FJET? Every May, FJET members nominate and elect new council members. These committee members then step up to the challenge of making FJET awesome. They work hard at organizing events, bringing the foreign and Japanese communities together, producing JETFuel magazine, maintaining FJET’s blog, planning Fukui orientation, and anything else required to keep Fukui in its top spot of happiest place to live in Japan.