Places to Shop

Mitsuwa みつわ

Lower to mid range store where you can find pretty much everything for your home. They won’t have the selection that Nitori would have but it can be much cheaper. Some branches have a grocery store as well as a garden store.

There are quite a few around. One big one is off Route 8 on your left(if you’re heading South), just before the turn off for Eiheiji. The sign is written in hiragana in red lights. Another is opposite Fukui University on Route 5.

Nitori ニトリ

Mid range store where you can find an assortment of home furnishings and kitchen supplies. Many JETs opt to go here for a larger selection of bedding and computer desks.

Nittori is on the right of Route 8 (if you’re heading South from the city). It’s a big green sign written in Katakana with the name written in white.


A higher end store found on the top floor of the Seibu/Loft building. Most JETs opt to go this place for the nice, simple styles of clothing bedding, beds,and their bean bags. Incredible bean bags.

Seibu is in Ekimae, a little further on from McDonalds

Discount/Second Hand Stores

For those of you wanting to save some extra yen, there are a number of 100 yen stores and second hand stores in Fukui City.

Ask around about locations of a 100 yen store in your neighborhood because you can find pretty much anything you would need there from school/teaching supplies to snacks.

2nd Street

Its symbol is a big #2 inside a recycle symbol triangle. There are two of these stores in Fukui City, but there may be more. One is located on Phoenix Dori. You can find it on the right hand side when you’re driving south just past the turn for the Red Cross Hospital. If you are driving from the southern end of Phoenix Dori (ex. from Sabae) you will see it on your left a few minutes down the road after you pass Bell Shopping Center.

The other is on the eastern side of Matsumoto Dori soon after you pass a Gusto on your right side, you’ll be able to see the sign up ahead.


Located on the western end of the city in the Wasse Shopping Center. From the city central, head down Koen Dori, turn left on Akaribashi Dori, follow the street to the right and head straight on till you see Wasse on your left hand side. If you end up crossing a bridge into Shimizu Town, you went too far.

Other places ALTs frequent are the “OFF” stores: discount/second hand shops that are scattered all over the city. There are lots of dishes and glassware sets that make nice gifts, as well as decently thick towel and bath sets, along with some blankets that are for sale. Plenty of merchandise are brand new and brand name, as well. You can find some great deals here so take some time to look around.

Book-Off – used books, magazines, DVDs and CDs can be found here at a great price

Kimono-off – used, sometimes even new, kimonos and other kimono goods

Hard-off – appliances, electronics, along with DVDs and CDs.

House-off – furniture, appliances, clothing, pottery sets, sports equipments

Hobby-off – musical instruments, toys, collectibles, etc.



1) off of Rt. 8 next to a big red amusement center; if you are going south it’ll be on your left hand side just past the Jungle Club.

2) off of the southern end of Nishikanjosen across the street from Serio Garden; Kimono-off can be found here

3) off of Fujishima dori (aka Rt. 416); if you are heading east towards Rt. 8 it will be next to the big grocery store across the street from the Fukui-ken Art Museum.

4) on Rt. 8 heading into Sabae, right hand side, two story building


1) if heading north on Rt. 8, you can find it on your left hand side just after you pass Rt.416 It will be next to House-Off.

2) head west down Nishkanjosen, the side that Bell is on, and you will see it on your left hand side near a 8ban Ramen shop. You can find the Hobby-Off there too.

Recycle Shop:

The name of the store IS “Recycle Shop” and it’s written in romaji and katakana (the signs are in red, white and green). If you are headed north to Fukui City (say, from Sabae) on Route 8, you will pass Kitamura camera (left), McDonald’s (left), Wai Plaza (left) and Uniqlo (right). Keep heading north til the next major intersection (Itagaki), drive through that intersection, and Recycle Shop is directly after that on your left (across from the big orange Cyber Cafe) right before Gulliver’s (green sign). It is open from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.