Mental Health Resources

Fall 2019 Mental Health Workshop presented by Megan Lambrecht (2017).
It includes tips for staying mentally healthy at home, school, and work. There are many additional resources and information in here, a little something for everyone.

Mindfulness Emotions Journal
Use this resource as a way to reflect on how an emotion is interacting and working in your body.

What Are Your Values?
Use this as a tool to help you understand and define your morals, a tool for deeper self-discovery.

Boundary Setting Tips
A deeper look at what boundaries are, and tips for how to set them.

Rituals For Living: Connection
Another self-discovery workbook/tool. There are many reflection based prompts that invite you to look deeply at your thoughts and beliefs.

Feelings Inventory
A list of feelings we feel when our needs are or are not satisfied. If you have trouble identifying how you are feeling, this may help you.

Needs Inventory
A list of things we need. Our needs impact how we feel.

Anger Iceberg
Anger is like an iceberg, where deeper emotions are typically beneath the surface of the anger. Use this to help you identify where the stem of your anger is coming from.

Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale
Use this to track and see how mindful you are in your daily life.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Use these resources to help you begin trying this helpful technique.

Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises to try! Focusing on our breath can help center us and calm us down. Try to find your favorite exercise.

Gaslighting tips
This site offers insight on how to deal with and think about gaslighting. If you don’t know what gaslighting is, there is also a great description.