ALT Prefectural Advisor

ALT Prefectural Advisor (ALT PA/Kenchou ALT)

The Fukui ALT Prefectural Advisor (PA) is Simon Woodgett (often referred to as the Kenchou ALT here in Fukui – as Fukui often has its own unique ways). Simon works full-time in the Compulsory Education Division at the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education (BoE), which is based on the 11th floor of the Fukui Kenchou (local government office).    

Simon’s main role is to act as a liaison between the Fukui BoE and the JET participants working in Fukui prefecture. His other responsibilities include organising and presenting the orientation events for the newly arrivng ALTs, organising and presenting the annual skills development conferences (SDC) and the staffing of extra-curricular educational events throughout the year.

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