Know Your Medicines

Ever wonder what’s on that piece of paper the pharmacist hands you along with your medicines?

You know, the one with the color images of the pills, powders and gels found within your new baggie of cures? It’s fairly obvious that it’s a writeup about the medicines your doctor prescribed. Unfortunately, it’s written in Japanese.

What’s one to do?

Well, the pharmacist usually walks you through the medicines anyway, but if you can’t understand a word of it (with or without the help of a Japanese speaker), you can visit Kusuri no Shiori (薬の枝折, medicine guide) to see, in English, what it is that your doctors have prescribed you. This site is most helpful if you can already read and type katakana/hiragana, AND the site may look like a domain parking page, but it’s actually legit and quite useful.

Take care and be well!

Kusuri no Shiori: