Donating Blood

You can donate at the Blood Donation Center of Fukui Red Cross Hospital.
Place:3-3-23, Tsukimi, Fukui-shi 福井市月見 3-3-23
TEL:0776-36-0221 Office Hours:
【General Blood Donation / 全血献血】9:00~12:00/13:00~16:00
【Blood Constituent Donation / 成分献血】9:00~11:00/13:00~16:00

How old must we be to donate blood?

You can begin donating from 16 years old.

Can anyone donate blood once they become 16 years old?

We have standards regarding the amount of blood we will take from donors. It depends on the donor’s health, weight, age and other factors. We also have standards about the amount of blood taken, the interval between donations, and the number of times you can donate blood within a year.

Where can we donate blood?

The Red Cross Blood Centre of Fukui or the Blood Mobile. [However, during crowded times, it may be a lot easier to go directly to the Blood Centre to donate. They have had experience with registering foreigners before, but be prepared to wait a little bit.]

Is it safe to ‘lose’ our valuable blood?

There may be some difference between individuals, but usually there will be no problem because we can lose up to 15% of our blood. Blood donors give less than that amount. A doctor will check your health condition to determine if you are able to donate or not.

How is our blood used?

Various blood products are then sent to hospitals.

The Relationship Between Blood Donation and Blood Transfusion

Blood is essential for every person, but it is possible to lose a lot of blood when in an accident or from illness. Sometimes it is necessary to get a blood transfusion during an operation. Your blood donation helps to have blood availbale for transfusions.

If you are healthy, giving blood will not have any major negative effects on your body. However, if you are unwell, giving blood may worsen your condition. The Red Cross Blood Bank does by certain standards to make sure that they protect the giver’s health.

Interval Between Donations

Plasma and/or platelets of 200ml: You can donate blood again 4 weeks after your last donation.
Blood components of 400ml: males, 12 weeks after last donation; females, 16 weeks after last donation


The human body does not handle excessive blood loss well. Therefore, the body has ways of protecting itself. When the bleeding from a wound suddenly occurs, the platelets gather at the wound and attempt to block the blood flow.

Blood Usage

Your blood donations are used to help a variety of patients in need. Blood is needed to sustain the lives of people whose blood functions have been impaired by injury or illness.

Blood transfusions are used for trauma victims – due to accidents or burns – heart surgery, organ transplants, women with complications during childbirth, newborns and premature babies, and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or other diseases, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

The above is a translation of information made by the Red Cross Blood Bank of Japan by a Fukui Prefectural University Student (2009).

You can find more information on the Fukui Prefecture website about blood donations here: