Computers and Internet

Getting internet access in your apartment is a lot easier than it used to be. There are now many different services to choose from and with some of the highest connection speeds in the world; you won’t be disappointed with the service. We recommend the following service providers.

Asahi Net
Asahi Net provides all its information in English, which is a big plus. Asahi Net provide 2 main services; a FTTH (fibre- to-the-home) and ADSL. They provide high speed connections at 100 and 50 Mbps respectively. For FTTH you can expect to pay 3500¥ and for ADSL roughly 3000¥. Check the website for availability at your home. Asahi Net have just introduced broadband TV but only offer applications in Japanese. The TV package is roughly 5500¥ / month. The fee may be higher based on additional services and harware options.

Yahoo BB
Yahoo Broadband (BB) is the most popular internet provider for JETs because of the website above. BBapply is an English service provided by a very friendly Yahoo rep called Jimmie Jenkins. For ADSL always on 50 Mbps you can expect to pay 4200¥. The great advantage of yahoo BB is the support provided by BBapply. They are also authorized to sell NTT phone lines. You don’t even need an NTT line set-up before you apply for internet as BBapply can set up a line for you. NTT Internet When setting up your phone services inquire about their Internet service. You will be surprised what NTT can offer. Not only can you get ADSL for as low as Asahi net but as well you can be provided with an online phone number which will cut some of those long distance phone bills.

Internet Cafes

Places to Surf the Internet in Fukui for FREE

  • Fukui International Center (FIA) – 2 ISDN lines Open from 9am-5pm, closed Mondays
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Wireless access – located on the street in between Seibu and Loft
  • AOSSA’s Sakuragi Library on the 4th floor
  • Fukui Prefectural Library
  • Mister Donut – Fukui Ekimae Area
  • Internet Cafes

These aren’t just places to surf the net anymore. You can LAN game, surf, type or just watch DVDs. Private booths ensure you won’t be disturbed and if you can’t stare at the screen any longer then kick back, put on some headphones and have a snooze. This place even serves as a pseudo-hotel.

  • @Station in the APA Hotel in Katamachi
  • Aprecio – on Rt 8 across the street from Serio Garden at the Maruyama intersection
  • Comic Buster – on Awara Kaido just a block away from the Omiya Police Box another is on the southern end of Nishikanjosen next to Ton Ton Byoshi
  • Cyber Freaks – ¥400/hr with two locations: 1) located on 416 next to Bulldog and 2) on Rt 8 near the Sakura Dori intersection heading north.

Buying a Computer

If you didn’t bring a computer with you there are plenty of places you can buy a computer at. The obvious places are the huge electronics stores like: 100man volt, Yamada Denki, Joshin, or Kojima. The Apple Store is readily available online or if you’re a computer otaku (or just want something other than the low-specification machines offered at places just mentioned) there’s a great place called PC-DIY just south of Fukui on the Nishikanjosen Ring Road. JETs who have gone to this store say that repairs are done quickly and are at very competitive prices. They also stock high-spec parts if you want to build (or upgrade) your PC.

If you’re looking for a high-spec PC with an English OS or another language (operating system – e.g. Windows XP), there is an online site that offers good prices and is in Japan, so shipping shouldn’t be a big deal. This place also offers parts and does have a COD option (cash on delivery) so you don’t have to have a credit card (for those without, or who don’t want to drain their home accounts). Here’s the address:

The final computer note is our old friend Amazon. If you don’t know it, Japan has a separate Amazon at and they sell computer stuff at not unreasonable prices. They have English OS’s and if you’re looking for Macs they sell both Macs and common Mac parts. But these can be easily bought at the Apple online store or via the phone through an English speaking customer service line. and Apple have tons of payment options, including paying at combinis and a COD option in addition to the normal credit card payment option.