Getting Started in Fukui

These are a bunch of pages that help you get your bearings and get the basic essentials of life bought, arranged, and set up when you first come to Fukui.

Delivery: During your early days in the city if you are purchasing large household items and have no way to transport them, most stores will deliver. Just say, “haitatsu onegai shimasu,” and then give them your name and address. It would be a good idea if you don’t know how to write in Japanese, to carry around a card with your address written in kanji. You will have to pay a minimal delivery fee. It will be well worth it!

Closing times: A word of warning: stores in Japan, particularly department stores, tend to close earlier than you’re likely used to. Some close as early as 6 pm, and many stores have a break day where they are not open at all. This last applies to almost all types of stores covered in this guide. There are quite a few shopping malls and department stores in the city, and your location will likely determine which one you frequent.

Cars and Driving
Cell Phones
Computers and Internet
Domestic Phone Lines
General Restaurant Guide
Places to Shop
Studying Japanese