Fukui City



福井市 contains Shimizu Town (清水町), Miyama Town (美山町) and Koshino Village (越廼村)

Situated in the northern part of Fukui Prefecture which is in the center of the Japanese Archipelago, Fukui City faces the Hakusan Mountain Range in the east and the Echizen Coast in the west. To reach the Echizen Coast, famous for its beaches and rocks, you have to drive through a mountainous area. Three major rivers the Kuzuryu, the Asuwa, and the Hino, can be found in the vast plain. The Hokuriku JR Main Line runs through Fukui City while Echizen and Fukui Railroads connect the neighboring towns. Hokuriku highway, Route 8 and Route 158 are some of the main roads in Fukui City.

Conveniently located and easily reachable, Fukui City has gradually become a strong political, industrial and educational focal point for the whole of the Fukui prefecture. Enjoy your stay in Fukui city!


There are two main branches in Fukui City, one is the Central branch and the other is the Minami (South) branch. There are several smaller post offices scattered around the city but when picking up packages or sending money orders, it is better to go to one of the two bigger branches

The Central branch is located one block south of the Kencho building. The main branch is open M-F 9:00-7:00. Saturday 9:00-5:00. There is also an out-of-hours service which means nearly all services are available 24-hours, 7 days a week including holidays. For sending money home the hours are M-F 9:00-6:00. Other branches are open M-F 9:00-5:00.


The post office also has ATMs from which you can withdraw money from your bank account at home, if you have a bank card with you. These ATMs have an English button so you don’t have to worry about navigating through the Japanese.

If you get a chance, you should open up a postal account because unlike the Fukui Bank, you can access your postal account from anywhere in Japan.

The main branch of Fukui Bank is located on the Northwest corner of Chuo Dori and Phoenix Dori.


Premium Belgian Beer and Cocktails.

¥2000 2 hr nomihoudai (whatever drink u want)on days that end in 0 ie. 10th, 20th 30th. They also have an impressive menu that includes pasta and Curry. GET THE CURRY!

Conveniently located near Fukui Station (on the corner near JTB and the main post office), this basement bar features a very friendly bartender, excellent music, Japan’s top of the line creamy dark beer on tap and generally classy clientele. Also, no seating charge!

They frequently have live bands here. Every once in a while, JETs arrange for an evening here, when the tables are moved aside and the dance fl oor opens up. The cover charge varies from 500 – 2000Yen. Go south on Phoenix Dori for quite a ways. Where the tracks curve, turn left and go under a small bridge. Turn right at the first light. Then, turn left at the fourth light (you’ll see a pachinko parlor and a Family Mart). Cut through the pachinko parking lot and you’ll see Chop’s neon sign. (0776) 34-3558. Open 6:00-2:00. Closed Mondays.

A hip-hop club run by the Japan DMC champion ‘97 and ‘98, DJ Akakabe. He also came 4th in the World DMC those 2 years. It’s the home of the Delta Force crew, who often DJ at events in Holly’s. There’s a weekly reggae night on Wednesday and usually a hip-hop event on Saturday’s. Entry to these ranges from 1000 – 2000 yen and sometimes includes a drink. There’s a really good atmosphere. It’s at the bottom of Katamachi, next to the entrance to the Metro Cinema. It’s on the 2nd floor.

This bar is bigger than most by Fukui standards and has a nice modern style. There is no dance floor, its just a sit down bar but has a nice atmosphere and is usually quite busy on the weekends. The prices are the usual for Katamachi and nomihodai is ¥2500 for 2 hours, which is about 5 drinks for your moneys worth. The 300 yen cover includes some lame hor d’oeurve. Located on the main street of Katamachi, on the right facing the Pachinko, toward the Pachinko end.

It’s close to the station and centrally located. The atmosphere is great in summer, the kimchee pizza is better and the drinks are all 500 yen. Karaoke has also been known to occur.

This is a grungy hole in the ground that will bring joy to the hearts of rock and rollers and punk kids — you’ll feel like you were back in college / high school / insert the period of your life when you enjoyed really loud music in a grungy hole in the ground here. There’s reggae nights, too. The local kids hang out here, so it’s a nice place to meet Fukui scenesters, for as much of a scene as Fukui can muster. Have fun. Butter is located in a basement off Sunkitano-sho Dori. From the station, turn left into the little alley directly before the Lawson’s on Phoenix Dori. There’s a sign on the right a couple of blocks down.

Another good place for local music and Fukui’s hipster scene. Reggae is common here, but so are other musical genres. It’s on the same street as Butter — just peek down the alley next the Lawson’s on the corner of Chuo Dori and Phoenix Dori. It’s just past the record shop.

Just off Phoenix Dori near Big Echo, this cozy little bar offers a chance to perform live music and taste a variety of drinks. There is a 500 yen cover charge, but if you fancy making your own music and make a night of it, it’s well worth the price.

Swinging Bass
Located in a basement in the ekimae shopping area (near the katsudon restaurant and family mart in front of the station) this bar is a pleasant hang out for fans of jazz music.


This is the Fukui prefectural martial arts hall. There are classes in kendo, judo, karate, sumo and kyudo (archery). They can also give you information about classes that are happening closer to where you live. To get there, go North on Awara Kaido. Turn left at Fujishima dori, continue for a while. Pass Fujishima JHS on the right and then you’ll see a large complex of white buildings on the right. Many foreigners have enrolled in classes here in the past. The address is Mitsuya-cho 8-1-1. (0776) 26-9400.

FREE Lessons offerred on Thursday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm at the FIA, 2nd floor.¥1500/month lessons offered Thursday evenings from 6:30- 7:30 on the 6th floor of the International Center. You only pay for the weeks that you attend. The teacher is great and very patient with all of the loud non-Japanese speaking foreign residents and no Japanese ability is necessary.

Aikido lessons are offered at the Midori Youchien (みどり幼稚園) in Fukui City. Lessons are ¥1500 /mo on Mon and Fri from 7pm to 8:30pm. The teachers speak some English and are really nice people. To get there: From the Fukui JR Station, head down Chuo Dori, cross over Phoenix Dori, and turn left at the first traffic light. Go straight and head over the bridge, turn left after the light. Go down one block and turn right. You will see Midori Youchien at the corner. There are also lessons Mondays and Thursdays at the Sundome run by two very good teachers.

We know of one woman who teaches tea ceremony on Tuesday nights. We’re not sure if she is taking new students, but if not, she would surely recommend someone for you. She speaks minimal English. Contact Sugahara-sensei at 34-5152 for more information.

There is an observatory on the roof of this museum. The entry fee is 100 yen for adults, children free. It is located in Asuwayama Park. The address is Asuwakamicho 147. (0776) 35-2844. Open 9:00-5:00. Closed Mondays and the day after national holidays.

The entry fee is 100 yen for adults. The address is Bunkyo 3-16-1. (0776) 35-2825. Open 9:00-5:00. Closed Mondays and national holidays.

Newly re-opened in March 2003. It has some good displays on post-war and post-earthquake Fukui. On Phoenix Dori near PIA. Entry is 100 yen.

The entry fee is 100 yen for adults. The address is Omiya 2-19-15. (0776) 22-4675. Open 9:00-5:00. Closed Mondays and national holidays.

A nice and cool place to go in the summer, some English books available. As a member you can request up to 6 new book which they will buy for they library. On Itagakibashi Dori, go south from the Sakura intersection. It will be on the right hand side, just past a green overpass. The address is Joto 1-8-21. (0776) 24-5167.

Want to know what it was like to live in Fukui 300 years ago? This is a village of original houses dating back to the early 18c and is a really nice place to wander around. It’s on Asuwa Mountain and can be reached by taking the bus to Nishitanaka (Osagoe Minka-En Mae stop) from bus stop number 5 in Eki Mae. Entry is 100 yen and you get an English guidebook.


Indoor and outdoor pools, soccer field, tennis court, baseball diamond (also a lot of flat surfaces good for rollerblading!) Located in the Southwest corner of town, follow the signs. Football and rugby practice are held here.

One is located 3 and a half blocks west of the Chuo-Awara Kaido intersection. If you are coming from the train station, pass the Chuo- Awara Kaido intersection and it will be on your left. Admission is about 200Yen. The address is Terute 3-1-1. It’s open only in the summer. (0776)23-8713.

This is a public indoor pool run by Fukui City. It is a full 50 meters long and heated. There is also a small workout room, and nice baths available, all for only 500Yen. The location is along the mountain range on the eastern side of Fukui. Take Sakura Dori east (towards the Hokuriku Expressway), pass the Expressway, continue going straight. Then the road curves a bit, and you can’t miss the pool and its glass roof on your left. The address is Ryoumachi 50-5. Phone: (0776) 54-9190. It’s open from Tuesday-Friday 13:00- 21:00 (last entry 20:00), and on Saturday and Sunday 10:00- 18:00 (last admittance 19:00) It’s closed on Mondays.

Located South of the river and known for its beautiful natural setting. Check it out! To visit Asuwayama park, take the Keifuku Dentetsu bus from JR Fukui station bound for Nisseki Byoin and get off at the Koen-shita bus stop (20 minute ride).


If you haven’t been to an onsen, a Japanese public bath, you are missing out on something magical. And you don’t need to go all the way to Awara if you are just looking for a way to relax after a long day at work. Gokurakuyu is a fancy onsen complex located right in downtown Fukui. The onsen itself is big, guaranteeing hours of soaking pleasure. It boasts an outdoor bathing area (rotenburo), individual barrels of water you can sit in, a sauna, a steam room, super-jet baths, electric baths, a bed of heated gems/jewels that you lie down on, and more.

It’s worth getting a membership (free) for the discounts on bathing and on food at the restaurant. You buy your tickets from a vending machine at the front of the store — 630 yen with membership. The complex contains a decent (and moderately priced) Japanese style dining area to sit down in and relax after your bath.

Location: 3 minutes walk south-west from the Echizen Kaihotsu station (on the Echizen Tetsudou line). Or, 3 minutes walk south-west of Keimo Elementary school. Going east on Fujishima dori (416), turn right (south) at the intersection right after Yamaya. Continue south, past the third light, until you see train tracks (if you go past the train tracks, you’ve gone too far). On your left will be Gokurakuyu (the sign is written in kanji, but you can just look out for the big red hiragana “yu”)

More like a sento, but has a nice selection of little baths along with four different kinds of saunas. It’s not as pretty as Gokurakuyuu but it satisfies the sento lovers among us. Located in the southwest are of Fukui on Nishikanjosen just next to Coco’s, has light rules concerning tatoos, and open late till midnight.


WAVE 40 (40=40 lanes)
Go north on Route 8 (towards Maruoka) it’s on the left hand side, you can’t miss it. It costs 450-500 yen per game, plus 300 yen for shoe rental (check out the cool automatic shoe dispensers). (0776) 54-8000. Open daily 10:00-23:00, Sundays and holidays 9:00- 23:00, Saturday and the day before a holiday, 10:00-24:00.

Located in Wai Plaza, second floor, similar prices.

It’s not actually in Fukui city, but it is the favorite for bowling enthusiasts. Located in Harue, north of Fukui on Awara Kaido. It’s on the right side- look for the bowling pin on the roof. 450 yen a game plus 200 yen for shoe rental. Please see the Harue section for map of the area. Open Monday to Thursday 10:00am-1:00am, Friday 10:00am-2:00am, Saturday 10:00am- 3:00am, and Sunday 9:00am-1:00am.

Again, there are many pool halls, ask around.

About 10 tables and around 500 yen a person per hour. If you go during peak hours (i.e. Saturday night) there will probably be a wait of an hour or so. There is an arcade and Karaoke boxes where you can pass the time. Follow the directions to 100 Man Volt on Sanonimiya, Leisure Land is on the second floor. Open daily 24 hours.

The game center in Wai Plaza has about 12 tables, though there’s no atmosphere.

A friendly place which is popular with the Brazilian expat crowd in Fukui as well as some JETs. It’s off Akarabashi-dori, just south of Sakura-dori in Koyo-cho. A table is about 600yen for an hour.


There are a lot of gyms in town, although many JETS have complained of poorly maintained or inadequately equipped and staffed facilities. Best bet; ask someone who goes to the gym.

Located on the second floor of the Washington Hotel off of Phoenix Dori near the Kencho. For about 6000Yen a month you can use the gym with free weights, bikes and stair machines, 20 meter pool, spa, sauna and join aerobics classes. There is also a tanning bed. It’s a nice atmosphere with a friendly staff. Consider joining up with someone else as a pair, as this is slightly cheaper per month. (0776) 28-0810. Open weekdays 9:00-11:00, Saturdays 9:00-8:00, Sundays and holidays 9:00-5:00. Closed Tuesdays.

Located next to Bell shopping center. It’s a new facility with gym, 25 meter pool, aerobics studio, sauna and whirlpool. There is a 20,000Yen start up fee and 8,000 yen monthly fee (or 300 yen per visit).

A new gym that just opened up a 3 years ago, located on Itagakibashi dori, down the east side of Sakura Dori. Many ALTs use this gym but beware, if you have a tattoo, they do not allow you in. They have a wide selection of machines, offer many different classes (kickboxing, aerobics, pilates, etc), and have massage chairs, a swimming pool and an onsen. Prices vary based on intended use, (eg ¥5000 for the after work plan: Mon – Thurs 5,00- 8.30) but the complete package with use of all the facilities runs about 8000 yen a month — cheaper options are available, so ask around or check it out yourself.

Recently, yoga has taken the city by storm. There are many yoga studios now but Healthy Plaza’s central location is its main draw. HP is located just on Chuo dori down the street from the Fukui Station. They have a friendly staff who have some English ability. They offer up six different kinds of Yoga classes: Healing Yoga, Soft Yoga, Power Yoga, Balance Yoga, New York Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Diet Yoga. Healthy Plaza also has Beauto, where you can do circuit training, and Apaiser, where can get massages and facials.

Not a traditional gym but rather an indoor bouldering gym. It is located in Nishi Kaihotsu, tucked away in a corner just off of Rt. 416 just after the bridge near Osensui Dori. If you want to try a different kind of workout, definitely check this place out. The staff are helpful and the owner speaks perfect English!


You will find that most malls here are complete with a grocery store, the usual clothing and shoe shops, and restaurants.

The largest of the ken’s malls. It has everything you could want plus a Starbucks across the way. It is one of two Starbucks we have in the whole ken! (The other one is on the expressway, so you probably don’t want to go to it, anyway.) Lpa has a grocery store, a home store, a bakery, a sports store, and numerous restaurants. Attached to one side is Korona World which is a chain of pachinko parlors, arcades and movie theaters.

In the surrounding area you can find Super Kabos, which is a stationery goods store, bookstore, and music store, Genky, a Walmart like drugstore, and Nitori, a home and furniture store. 100 Man Volt and Yamada Denki are just down the street as well. These are the two main electronic stores that ALTs usually frequent. They have point cards that are really handy and very friendly sales people. I know that the 100Man Volt has one sales representative that can speak English.

The area that Lpa is currently being developed so new stores and restaurants seem to popup everyday. When you get a chance, check out the area and tell us if you find something interesting!

Bell, is our second largest shopping mall. It has just recently been remodeled so it’s all nice and new. You can find it in the south of town if you head towards Sabae on Phoenix Dori. Bell has a Heiwado grocery store, Tully’s Coffee, KFC, and a Mister Donuts. Bell Sports (one of the more popular gyms in town) is right next to it, too.

East of town, you can find the Pario off to the corner of Sakura Dori and Route 8. This houses a Wai Plaza (grocery store), a small Kabos (bookstore), a really good Kaiten Sushi restaurant (one of the best in the city!), a Toys R Us, and a JTB (Japan Travel Bureau), a travel agency that many ALTs use because there is an English speaker who works there. A Tsutaya, movie and music rental place, is right next door to Pario!

For those on the west side of Fukui City, Apita is the best shopping mall around. It’s located on Nishikanjosen and Sakura Dori. It has a Baskin Robbins, McDonald’s, and a very nice grocery store. There is a popular store called Muddy which many ALTs frequent. It’s an ethnic store that sells little odds and ends as well as some nice clothes.

Finally Loft and Seibu can be found near the train station (Eki-mae). There are two separate buildings. One side has Apple City (brand name/designer female clothing), Loft (stationery, watches, music, beauty supplies etc), Kinokuniya (bookstore), and Muji, an Ikea style store, except clothes are sold as well. It prides itself in its simplicity so you will see that the predominant colors of their merchandise are: black, dark brown, white, etc. The stationary store in Loft is a great place to get unique, lightweight (read: cheap to ship), traditionally styled Japanese gifts for a reasonable price. In addition there is a nice food department in the basement that concentrates on gourmet.

In the other building, we have Seibu. It is our one big department store and it is pricey. You can find all the brand name clothing you want here and the nice cosmetics section as well. On the 8th floor, there are some restaurants worth taking a look at. There is a family restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a Chinese restaurant up there that are really good. In the basement, you find a grocery store that is connected to the food department in the other building mentioned before. You will find a really a good bakery called Donq that is famous for their mini croissants, a Yours Hotel Fukui deli, and a butcher. This grocery store also has a good selection of foreign foods.


There are a large number of chain grocery stores in the ken, including Honey Super, A-Coop, Orange, Hearts, and Youth. You’ll find the best and closest one to you quickly, so this section will focus instead on places to find unique selections, good deals, and the like. All of the major department stores listed above have grocery stores, usually on the first floor.

The grocery store (in the basement) in Seibu is the most notable, as it has excellent products and some foreign food – the specialty sections are among the best if not THE best around. However, you’ll definitely be paying an arm and a leg for it. This store has very high prices.

For very cheap food, check out a Genky pharmacy megastore. These stores are similar to Wal-Mart in the US or Tesco’s in the UK; you’ll find everything they stock to be cheaper than what’s available anywhere else, although the fresh selection is lacking. For instant noodles and the like, you can save 20% or better at a Genky. There’s a nice new store just past Michimori High School and Yashiro Middle School on the southwest side of town.


For most foreign foods, search out foreign liquor stores like:

Found near Nishikanjosen on the way to Michimori High School and another on Sakura Dori, a few blocks east of Rt. 8.

Has many stores around town – 1) on Akaribashi Dori just before after the bridge from Koen Dori 2) in the Wasse Shopping Center 3) on Rt 8 going north in the Wai Plaza Shopping Area and 4) on Rt 8 going south near King Family

Far and away the best place to go for foreign foods in Fukui City. This store has everything the baking enthusiast needs — from Betty Crocker cake mixes, to a variety of flours to the elusive Arm & Hammer baking soda. Besides baking ingredients, many popular foreign cuisines are represented, including Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Italian. This is the only place in Fukui-ken that you can actually buy a whole turkey without pre-ordering. There’s no fresh food to speak of, but dairy, frozen and packaged are well stocked. The 2nd floor houses a wide selection of cooking utensils, such as stainless steel mixing bowls, cake pans and whisks in addition to oodles of well-priced matching dishes (restaurant overstock). To get there, take Rt. 8 to 416. Go west on 416 for one block and turn right at the first stop light. Marushin in one block up on the left, next to the Daisho Shop.

Brand spanking new and freaking enormous, it is well worth the trip to the southern most reaches of the city for not only it’s wonderful selection of European-style granola cereals and other foreign goodies, but also for its huge Deli and Pre-Prepared Food counter. Besides food, Plant 3 is a great choice for all your home and personal needs (think Monster Sized Super Wal-Mart).


**The best place to go for good deals would actually be at YAMAYA which is located in Harue Town. If you ever get the chance to go out there…To get there, get onto Awara kaido, the street that Bear’s is on and head straight into Harue. You will see Yamaya on your right.

***If you must have something that these stores don’t stock (check back often, stock rotates a lot) then try looking on the The Flying Pig and Foreign Buyer’s Club websites (please read the Foreign food shipping section). You can pay for your groceries via a postal transfer (very easy) or credit card (even easier) and it will be delivered by Kuroneko delivery service, dry or cold.

Recycle shops can be found throughout the city. Here’s a list of a few of them:

For books, manga, movies and cds (locations throughout the city)

For household goods, appliances and clothes (just off of Rt. 8 on the left if you are heading towards Lpa)

For musical instruments, dolls, collectible items, etc (just west of Bell)

Has kimonos and accessories for cheap along with western clothing (found at the south end of Nishikanjosen across the street from a Serio Garden)

Past the tram lines on Phoenix, regularly restocks most of the good home stuff and has a very nice toy section to boot. A second store can be found on Matsumoto Dori heading past Route 8.

A vintage/second hand shop that has a great selection of clothes, shoes, eyewear and accessories. Some things are still pretty expensive but if you have the time to look around, you can get some deals. There’s one located on Rt. 8, a couple blocks south of Sakura Dori.

It’s in the southwest of town in the Wasse Plaza on the road that goes past Michimori High School and Yashiro Junior High – near the big Genky.

Has several locations, one being south of Asuwa River on Rt. 8 by the Uniqlo and the other north on Phoenix Dori, right before you hit the Baskin Robbins. King Family is loaded with clothes in all shapes and sizes — sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, but it’s worth the effort if you have the time.

Music Shops
In Japan, you’ll find that CDs can be quite expensive. A cheap alternative to buying is renting. You can do this at places like Tsutaya or Geos. If you feel the need to buy CDs, the music shop in Loft, Matsukiya (just off of Itagakibashi dori near Sakura dori) and Super Kabos (near Lpa) offer a good selection. You can also get music lessons and a wide variety of instruments and equipment at the previously mentioned Matsukiya. If you are looking to buy a musical instrument at a cheaper price check out Hobby-Off.


Tsutaya is one of the more frequented video shops in town because you can count on them having a huge selection of not only movies but US and UK TV shows, older movie titles and CD rentals . Prices are average. One location is in the south of the city on the same road as Yashiro Junior High. The big blue and yellow signs are hard to miss! A second store is found next to Pario.

Has a large selection of used games and a pretty good movie section. New releases must be returned the next day (or kept longer for an extra charge), older titles can be kept for a week. Some are open 24-hours. The largest store is on the corner of Sakura Dori and Itagakibashi Dori. Another one is on the west end of Sakura dori near the Fukui University.


  • Theater Cinq(near Seibu)
  • Teatoro Fukui
  • Cinema Plaza
  • FBC Theater
  • Metro Gekijo
  • (The Metro Cinema, near Katamachi, plays a good and constantly changing selection of indie/art films.)


Buses are not as scary as they may first appear. Get on at the back door (usually). Take a ticket from the dispenser just inside the door. Sometimes tickets are not available. Pay when you get off. The number on the ticket determines your fare – look at the display panel above the driver. Your bus ticket number will correspond to the fare you owe. The fare increases with distance, so check the amount as you leave. You cannot get transfers between buses, you must pay for each bus you use.

Children’s fares. Children under 6 are free, those aged between 6 and 12 pay half the adult fare. If more than one child aged between 6 and 12 are traveling together, one of them gets a free ride.

In Fukui City, the main bus stops are directly in front of the train station, on the left side of Chuo-dori. The bus fare within the city starts at around 200Yen. Instead of carrying a lot of loose change, you can buy books of tickets from the little pink booth on the pavement among the stops on Chuo-dori. If you aren’t sure what bus to get, go to the main bus station at the top of Chuo-dori on the right side and ask there. They’ll point you in the direction of your stop.

There are special busses called Smile Bus and the Friendly Bus. The Smile Bus costs only 100yen for any trip and it goes around the city in different loops. The busses are in different colors and serve a certain area. The Friendly Bus on the other hand is a free bus with limited service to different areas.

If you are in the downtown area you can frequently flag a taxi. If there is not one readily available, however, there are a couple of options. Walk to the nearest store, restaurant, etc.. and say “Takushi o yonde kuremasuka” (call me a taxi please) They will be happy to do this and a taxi will arrive shortly.

If you are at home in Fukui city call the following number: (0776) 22-4100. The meter starts at around 600 yen if you order one. When they pick up the line, just say “Sumimasen, takushi ichi-dai onegai shimasu. Watashi no jusho wa (Hoei 3 chome 29-8 aparto wa Heim Edel)” (I need a taxi, my address is ( ). Before hanging up say, “Onegai shimasu”. They will say “wakarimashita” (I understand) and send a cab within about 10 minutes usually. Then watch the magic of combustion as your door magically opens.

Once you are in the cab just tell them the address. If you aren’t comfortable saying it, just carry around a card with it printed in Japanese (this makes it easier for the cab driver, too). Don’t worry too much about giving him/her directions, point the way if you can or they can call into the dispatcher and get the exact location for any address. (masugu – straight; hidari – left; migi – right; shingo – streetlight; kado – corner)

Fukui City Food and Bars


Amazing breads and pastries daily. Excellent deli sandwiches as well. The items vary daily so you may have to drop by a couple of times to figure out their menu. (quiche, baguettes, chibatas, BLT etc) YUM. Located on Matusmoto Dori, east of Awarakaido Dori (route 5)

That’s what it says on the front of the building, but I’m not actually sure that’s the name. What I am sure of is that the bakery inside could melt hearts. The owner puts together an amazing array of breads and donut type things, making it next to impossible to choose just one. Also try the lunch sets: They come with salad, a basket of assorted breads, some kind of soup or curry that’s perfect for dipping the bread into, a little dessert and a drink. Located on the south side of Sakura Dori just about half a block West of Route 8.

One of the best bakeries in Fukui City, just ask those who have been there. If you have a hankering for European style bread (baguettes, ciabattas, etc), mouthwatering sandwiches, awesome bagels and incredible donuts this is the place for you. They also carry a selection of fine wines and beers, and their own brand of nihonshu. It’s open 8am-6pm and gets quite packed, especially during the lunch hours. If you go between 8am-10am and 3pm-5pm, a free cup of Americano will be given to you but if you prefer another coffee drink, it will be at a discount price. Located in the western end of town, towards Shimizu cho. To get there, take Rt 28 (aka Koen Dori) towards Shimizu Cho. When you see Mos Burger on your left, you will see Les Plaisir on your right. http://www.les-plaisir.com/


A great hangout for people who like jazz with their java. The menu features coffee by country as well as a few nice sandwiches. The location is in the ekimae shopping area South of Fukui Station just off the one way alley with wide pedestrian walkways.

This is a wonderful sandwich shop in Fukui’s eki mae which plays Beatles songs sung by Snoopy characters, and has a poster for a hardcore (but mainstream) film on the wall. The sandwiches are bloody amazing. The BLT and the spicy chicken are my personal favorites. The ladies working are very funny, and have fairly impenetrable Fukui-ben, and the decor is also wonderful. The shop is opposite Seibu, slightly to the left of the space-age clock which marks the road between the two halves of Seibu. The cafe usually has a chair (maybe yellow?) outside, but I have no idea on the name. It is possible to enter on both sides, it being in the island between the two roads leading away from the station. Go and eat there. Support a lovely local independent business, and grow fat on good food.

Located on the west end of Asuwayama down the street from Balba. Serves a wonderful lunch set served on beautiful Echizen pottery. They also have a great selection of delicious desserts and coffee.

If you are looking for somewhere a little more “oshare” (Japanese for chic), try SeekChoice Cafe, just outside of the Motomachi Gallery shopping arcade across from the pachinko parlor. The menu is on the standard side, with tuna, egg salad, ham, and other varieties made on your choice of wheat bread or a baguette and served with chips and potato salad. I always get the vegetable sandwich, but friends who’ve tried the others were not disappointed. There are also hot sandwiches and some tasty bagels, including a nice melted camembert and mushroom one, The atmosphere makes it a great place to spend a quiet afternoon. They also have a decent coffee selection.


This place is “hungry bachelor central” in Fukui and the closest thing to the fast food Chinese restaurants from home. It’s very cheap (180 yen for 6 gyoza and 700 yen for main dishes). It’s definitely a cholesterol booster, but it’s gooooood!

Three locations in Fukui City:

  • Across the street from the Atom Sushi on Phoenix and Rt 416 (Fujishima Dori)
  • West end of Matsumoto Dori, on the left hand side just before you reach Akaribashi dori.
  • At south end of the Nishikanjosen, across from 100yen Matsuri Sushi

Good Chinese food at reasonable prices. Some staff members know a little English to help those who have trouble reading the menu. Good and relatively cheap lunch sets. To get there go north on Phoenix dori. It’s located 2 lights north of Matsumoto dori, the first block past the railroad crossing on the right side. It’s beside Hokuriku High School. The address is Bunkyo 1-5-10. ( 0776) 22-5813. Open 11:00am-3pm and 5pm-9pm. Closed Wednesdays.

This is rumored to be very tasty, but also quite expensive. It’s located on the 5th floor of the Washington Hotel. (0776) 28-1363. Open 11:00am-11:00pm.


Among the local favorites is the generous buffet at Ganga. There are three locations now. One can be found in Lpa, on the first floor near Korona World, a 2nd can be found on Rt. 8 heading south from Lpa, and the third is in AOSSA just behind the Fukui Station.

As authentic as it gets in Fukui City, New Dehli is run by actual Indians. Their wide selection of delicious curries are a far cry from the insipid brown gravy most Japanese places dare to call by the same name. There’s a huge menu, including many vegetarian options and the staff all speak a little English. Go for the reasonably priced lunch set if you’re on a budget or splurge on the larger selection available at dinner.

A combination store and restaurant with a fabulous atmosphere. They have a limited menu, but the chicken curry set is great at 900 yen and their chai (Indian tea) is a must! Every 3rd Saturday from 6:00-10:00 they have a live music night. The cover is 1500 yen and that includes 1 free drink. It’s great fun, give it a whirl! Located on Kitanosho, behind Seibu, next to the Sakai parking station. It’s in a small building on the 2nd floor. Monday-Saturday 11:00-9:00, Sunday 11:00-7:00. Closed Tuesdays. Good shopping for ethnic and interesting items as well.

Half is a small coffee shop on Jonohashidori that serves a great chicken curry. It is the master’s special curry. The master is a really funny and gruffy old man from Osaka. He may not be the most eloquent man but he is a really nice guy. He studies English although he doesn’t let it on. Try not to bring too many people at one or else he gets a little flustered. Also, his menu is simple so don’t expect to have too many choices.


Good Italian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. It costs probably 1200-1800 yen for a good meal. It’s located on the street in front of the train station. Head left down the street and it will be on the right hand side, close to the bridge. The address is Chuo 1-22-8. (0776)23-0617. Open 11:00-2:00, 5:00-10:00.

Pesce Cucina is an Italian and Mediterranean food in a cheerful atmosphere. A European lunch and a pasta lunch are offered at 750 yen. It’s on the 2nd floor Yoshida Bldg (above Bistro Goto) The address is Chuo 1-19-20. Phone: (0776) 24-8803. Open 11:30-2:00 and 5:00-10:00. It’s closed Tuesdays (unless it is a holiday or the day before a holiday)

A reasonable Italian fare behind Phoenix Plaza. It’s located one block west of Phoenix Plaza in the middle of the block. The address is Bunkyou 3-14-1. (0776) 25-2616. It’s open weekdays 11:00-3:00, 5:00-9:00, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11:00-9:00. Closed Monday.

Offers a wide selection of Italian food, in a young, hip, lounge-like atmosphere. They have a few comfortable leather couches in a withdrawn dining area (unfortunately they’re usually occupied on weekends, but they can be reserved in advance). They have a constantly changing special recommendations (osusume) menu, which uses seasonal ingredients. Any of the cream sauce pastas come recommended. They also have a pretty impressive wine selection. Lunch from 11:30-14:00. Dinner from 17:00-2:00 am. Fukui-shi, Takagi-cho, 84-1. Near Route 8 and the 416 (Fujishima street). It’s north-west of the intersection. On the same street as the Joshin grocery store (just west of it). If you are going east on the 416, turn left at the light just before route 8, and go straight. At the first light, turn left again, and go straight about 4 blocks. Manhattan Cafe will be on your left.

Pinoli is a great restaurant with good wine selection, funky menu choices, and affordable lunch sets. It is located just off of Rt 416, turn right at the big grocery store and you will see it on your left. You can easily miss it so if you pass the Mister Donuts you went to far.

Barns Cafe has a nice lunch set with a tasty mustard or garlic steak and garlic bread. This little Italian restaurant closes early but has some great dishes. Generally their daily specials are delicious. The service here is good and it’s in a nice area (ekimae). To find it, go down the street in between the Loft and Seibu and turn left at street before Seattle’s Best Coffee. Walk down a bit and you will soon see a sign for it on the right. It is on the 2nd floor.

Located next to Starbucks in the LPA parking lot. They have a nice lunch set for two with pizza, salad, and pasta.

It’s very hard to beat Oceans, where the friendly staff tends to speak English and the food is phenomenal. It’s a bit of Italian/Asian seafood fusion and it never fails to please. It has a very nice atmosphere as well, making it a good spot for a date.


This is a small, very Japanese place that specializes in sake. After you tell the enthusiastic owner whether you prefer dry or sweet sake, he’ll explain the origins of your selection (he has sake from all over the country) and he’ll set you up with your own overflowing glass placed on top a saucer. Slurp the saucer first, then relax with your glass. Menu is written in Japanese on pieces of paper on the wall, so a Japanese speaker/ reader would be helpful the first time you go. If price is no object, the sashimi moriawase is always a good choice and usually includes some rather interesting selections (fish testicles, anyone?). The yakisakana (grilled fish) has never disappointed either — just let the owner or his wife choose the fish for you. Gets pretty crowded so going early or making reservations (in Japanese) is a good thing. Located near the Sakura Dori entrance to Katamachi, on the left.

The owner of this tiny izakaya in katamachi doesn’t speak a word of English, but she will kindly chatter at you as long as you are there and she never forgets a face. The menu is entirely in Japanese, so the best bet is just to let her choose for you. Accept whatever she suggests — she loves making recommendations based on her freshest ingredients and spot on preparations. If you want to make a few of your own decisions, the sashimi moriawase is always fresh, the nasu dengaku (eggplant with broiled with sweet miso) is rich and creamy and the any seafood selection will always be delicious. The hot fugu sake is a fun, if not funky, choice to wash down all the good eats. (Actually the taste is quite funky!) To get there: Take a left into katamachi from Sakura Dori under the big red sign, go left at the first street and right at the next. Chatta is the first building on the left.

As evening deepens in Katamachi, things get busier and busier and the flames from the grills can be seen through the windows at Akiyoshi, a restaurant that specializes in yakitori (charcoal broiled skewers of chicken). There is a simple point and shoot picture menu. There are many locations, but a favorite one is right in the heart of Katamachi. Look for the trademark red lantern sign that hangs at the entrance, and delicious smelling smoke pouring from the building. (0776) 21-3573. Open 17:00-02:30. Closed Mondays.

Located 3 blocks behind Fukui station. It’s an izakaya specializing in seasonal seafood. Ask the person behind the counter to recommend the freshest items of the day. A dish of assorted sashimi (raw fish) is generous in volume and costs 1400 yen. (0776) 26-7890. Open 17:00-23:00. Closed Sundays.


Not the kind you find back home (if you are from Cali). You won’t find that yummy chocolate cake in a cake display in front of the counter. This is your typical family restaurant and you can find some good deals on food. They even have a chicken quesadilla on the menu along with a taco salad. They try but it’s what you can get around here. There are several locations around the city: 1) west side of the city on Nishikanjosen near Undo Koen 2) on the south side of the BELL shopping area 3) on the northern end of akaribashi dori 4) on 416 closing in on rt 8

A typical “family restaurant”that is fairly cheap (800-1000 yen for a meal), the food isn’t gourmet great, but they have some good staples. Many items are pictured, but not all. Bonuses are that they are open very late (until 4:00 or 5:00 am) and they have a drink bar (i.e. refills on coffee, juice, etc). Located on Matsumoto Dori (the street name changes to Nagamoto), east of the train tracks, on the right hand side. If you go under Route 8, you’ve gone too far.

Essentially, a family restaurant that specializes primarily a steak and hamburg place, but you can also get pizza and pasta. The food is good, but count on spending 1500yen if you want to leave full. Try one of the steak sets, or a pizza set, which includes pizza (personal size), salad, and a drink for about 1100 yen. Nice atmosphere and a picture menu. One is located on Jonohashi Dori, further away from downtown than the Route 8 overpass, near Saiseiki Hospital. Another is just past UNIQLO on Nishikanjosen, near Undo Koen. Open until 1:00 a.m.


A French restaurant, pronounced Koo by those in the know (Japanese people) and highly recommended by a good number of Fukui JETs(read Mike Maher-King’s review on it in JETfuel). Newly remodeled, you can find it by heading North on Rt 8 and turning left at the light after you pass Nitori (ニトリ). A Nissan dealership will be at that corner. Go down this street and you will soon see a Circle K and a hair salon called Destin. Turn left at Destin and then turn right at Miss Flower. You will find Queue next to Miss Flower.

On the bottom floor, it is a bakery, offering pastries, croissants and cakes. On the second floor it is an upscale French restaurant that is a bit on the expensive side. Choose from the sets available, and get unlimited fresh baked breads (at least five varieties), soup, salad, main course, and dessert. If you make reservations, you’ll be seated near the piano player. Lunch for around 3000 yen a person. Located on Awara Kaido, near Fukui University. It is just south of the railroad tracks; pass Hachi Ban Ramen on the right and it will be a little further up on the left hand side.

Amaxing French food. Order the rabbit! Elegantly casua dress code. if you go in jeans and flip flops you’ll feel out of place. At least wear shoes. Lunch from 12.00 – 2.00. Dinner from 7.00 – 10.00


This Katsu place is located in Katamachi, 2 blocks behind the Palace Inn. It’s the originator of “sauce-katsudon”, a dish that has come to be associated with Fukui. Europe-Ken now has 20 chain stores in the prefecture. Try the original katsudon at 750 yen. You can order red, black, and white varieties. Red is slightly spicy, black is original, and I don’t know about white. Order at your own risk. (0776) 21-4681. Open 11:00-20:00. Closed Tuesdays.

Here they serve up hearty, handmade Echizen soba in a rustic atmosphere accented by traditional folk crafts. The coarse, chewy noodles are perfect with grated daikon radish and dried bonito in a lightly seasoned soup (450 yen). Although it’s everywhere in Fukui (3 downtown) one is pretty close to the FIA. If you walk towards the Hani supermarket on Osensui-dori, you pass the supermarket and at the next stop light, turn right and walk down the street. It’ll be on your right. It’s a small two story concrete building across the street from a little park.. Open 11:00-21:00.


North on Osensui Dori, near the old PIA shopping center, and right next to the IC, this is the only Malaysian place in all the prefecture. If you like naan bread, you have to try roti. The owner speaks terrific English and there is an English menu available. The a la carte menu is extensive — good if you’re on a budget or not so hungry, but if you want the full experience, go with some friends and choose one of the course menus (1500 to 2500 yen).


Located in Katamachi, to find it, enter on the Sakura dori side and turn right at the first street. You will see it on your left just before a big parking lot. It has a yellow sign with a lobster/shrimp on it. They offer an all you can eat deal on Friday and Saturday nights for only ¥1000. They also sell filipino goods.


Chian, the English speaking cook at this Thai restaurant, serves delicious green or red curry with the option of making it vegetarian. You can also order a vegetarian pad thai — He substitutes the chicken and shrimp with tofu. Many ALT tabe houdai parties have been held here and we still come back. Located just on Phoenix Dori and Chuo.

This has a more home cooking like taste than Monna Lisa does. Green Curry is spicy hot, hot, hot and the pad thai is packed with flavor. You will have lots to choose from in their menu so go check it out. Located in Katamachi, if coming from the Sakura Dori entrance, turn right down the first street just after Color. You will see a sign for it on your right in Katakana (フケット)

This is a very small resturant, but it has a large variety of foods. You can get Indian, Mexcian, Thai, among others. It is open from 5:00 and is closed on Wednesdays. To get there, head north of Pheonix Dori and turn left at the intersection with a gas station and the Baskin Robbins. Then turn left at the Fukui Bank. Kaori Bana is on the corner of the next intersection.


This sHOP is like a cafe in the day then a bar at night. It’s open everyday of the week from 11 am to 2 am. On the weekends it’s open until 4. The staff is great and the owner speaks English. The main food they sell is kebab sandwiches. They also have pizza, pasta, and rice dishes. It’s located right on Matsumoto Dori and Kagetsubashi Dori across from the Kagetsu Branch of Fukui Bank.


Regular okonomiyaki place. It’s on Phoenix dori. The address is Chuo 1-6-23. (0776) 23-8675. Open 12:00pm-10:00pm. Closed every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday.

One of the favorite okonomiyaki restaurants frequented by the soccer team. Great choices of okonomiyaki and cheap drinks. They also do mochikaeri (take away) – check the menu on their website. Phone: (0776) 34-0866. Located in the west end of Fukui, just across the street from ACOOP on Nishikanjosen. http://www.kazenomachi.com/

An okonomiyaki restaurant famous in Fukui. Located across the street and a little north of Fujishima High School. The owners are extremely cool! The address is Omiya 2-8-5. Phone: (0776) 22-2562. Open 11:00-11:00. Closed Wednesdays.


Rairaitei, on the corner of Sakura Dori and Route 8, has great ramen in a lively atmosphere. There’s a picture menu for set meals. Try the miso ramen with thick noodles (ask for futomen) and a little white vinegar (included in the condiment tray). Addictive!

A ramen shop on Akaribashi dori just south of Sakura Dori gives you tons of choices, which can be daunting to navigate without a little Japanese. Possibly the best ramen in Fukui-ken. Prepared by ramen artists, not your average part-timers. To observe them do their ramen-work is like watching the gracefully coordinated movements of a ballet. Some have said that these particular ramen masters are actually legendary ramen heroes out of mythological times, who have lived for thousands of years by transferring their souls from one human vessel to another, in order to perfect their ramen skills. They have palms warmer than average human palms, which are also capable of summoning swirling balls of immense chakra energy, ideal for kneading and spinning the delicate dough of ramen noodles. These are called the palms of the sun, and they were endowed upon them by the Sun Goddess Amaterasu herself at the beginning of time. They also have jars full of tiny chips of dried garlic, which are quite delicious.

Iwamoto-ya has plenty of options for toppings for example: boiled egg, green onions, garlic chips etc. but one of these is a must eat: menma. Bamboo strips that are uniquely prepared by pan frying them. Also, you may want to try their “iwa-nori”, a kind of bushy, porous seaweed, on your ramen.

You order from a vending machine (if you know hiragana you’ll be ok). The staff will then ask you for the desired firmness of your noodles, thickness of your broth, quantity of your green onions, and other such technical things, but if Japanese is a problem, you can just say “zenbu futsuu de” (“I’ll have the regular for everything”).


A mid-range sushi chain, with cheap sushi that isn’t particularly great or bad. There is a conveyor belt that passes all of the tables- you simply grab what you like as it comes by and then you pay at the end according to how many plates you took. Prices range from 100-500 yen per plate (indicated by the plate color) depending on the contents. Several locations around town including one on the 1st floor of Bell shopping center, another in Lpa, one across the street from the Uniqlo on Nishikanjosen, and THE very first Atom sushi restaurant at the intersection of Phoenix Dori, Fujishima Dori and Osensui Dori. Open 11:00am-1:00am.

This is a great sushi bar to go to for the rotating experience. The food here is decent (as are the prices) and the staff here are especially nice. Expect to pay about 1500 Yen for a satisfying meal. To find it go behind Seibu and make a left at the first street alongside LOFT.


The toppings can be…interesting, but you can always get a cheese pizza and order toppings a la carte. The price is half what’s listed if you get it yourself. You can find the sit down restaurant right off Phoenix just north of Matsumoto. There is another location on Sakura Dori near Fukui High School that does mainly take outs. Save yourself some money and pick up the pizza yourself! (0776) 26-1181. Open 11:00-11:00. Last order is 10:45. There is a new location right across from Pario on Rt. 8, but beware, you may hear “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men on loop.

On Sakura Dori just past Kagetsubashi Dori heading East. There is a big sign out front so you can’t miss it. It has gotten very good ALT reviews for being more American style than Texas Hands. (0776) 22-2010. Open 11:00-11:00. Last order is 10:45. Closed 3rd Thursday of each month.


A Hawaiian restaurant that’s located above the Harley Davidson store on Route 416, just one street light west from Rt 8. A Spam lovers’ dream, this cute place also has other western food and fantastic fruity cocktails (complete with fruit, flowers and little umbrellas). There’s a deck with tiki torches that’s open in nice weather.

Steak 1
The food is quite good and there is an all you can eat salad bar. The prices are very reasonable. It’s only about 700 yen for a smallish meat dish and that includes the all you can eat salad bar which has lots of toppings plus fruits, soups and rice. For an additional 200 yen or so there is an all you can drink bar (choose hot or cold). Definitely one of the cheapest places to go to get really full. Go south on Route 8 from Sakura 10-15 minutes. Pass two golf ranges, Steak 1 (the sign is in katakana) is on the left. There is another branch in the SW corner of town. Going south on Phoenix dori turn right at the intersection before Bell shopping center. Continue along this road for a good while. Steak 1 is on the left. It’s barn-like stature is hard to miss.

Bistro Goto
Bistro Goto is serious in its pursuit of distinctive, unique flavors and a healthy, original menu. Six course meals start at 2800 yen. The popular ladies’ dinner is 3500 yen and a filling lunch dish is 700 yen. It’s worth every penny! 1st floor Yoshida building, 1 block North of the river and one block East of Phoenix Dori on the right hand side. (0776) 23-8488. Open 11:30-1:00 and 5:00-9:00. (5:00-9:00 only on Sundays and holidays). Closed Mon.


For a big appetite, try out this place. It features a Viking or buffet, and meat you cook at your table. 1050yen for lunch on a weekeday!! You can eat til you puke, and then some. From Route 8, go east on Rt. 416

You can’t miss this loudly colored building at the corner of 416 and Route 8. Grill your own meat at the table from a huge selection of different cuts and flavors of meat. Large menu also includes a lot of tasty salads, etc. The touch screen is a nice “touch”, no need to worry about ordering in Japanese, just point and click. Order as much or as little as you want, the screen keeps track of your total.

A yakiniku restaurant located on Itagakibashidori. It offers all you can eat yakiniku for 1300 yen and an extra 880 yen gets you an hour all you can drink.


An excellent way to escape the heat of summer! It has a great toilet, too! It’s 3 lights north of Matsumoto dori on Awara kaido, on the right side. The address is Omiya 3-13-1. (0776-25-3010). Open 11:00am-11:00pm. Every 5, 15, and 25 of the month, they have a special: 5 scoops of ice cream for 650 yen!

31 delicious flavors of ice cream! It’s one light north of Fujishima dori on Phoenix/Osensui Dori. It’s on the NW corner (left side). The address is Ikushiro 2-1401. (0776)25-1031. Open 11:00am-10:00pm.


Block Map Useful and interesting places in Fukui’s West Block

This is for those of you who are west of the FIA or Kencho. It’s a more detailed map of Fukui city, specific to West Fukui. Fun and interesting places include the Undo Koen, Asuwa Mountain and Le Plasir, everyone’s favourite bakery!

Fukui Prefectural Office. This is where the Kencho ALT and CIR works here/

FIA Fukui International Activities Plaza
KOKUSAI KORYU KAIKAN – The FIA. Fukui international Activities Plaza

Someone there usually speaks English.

Basic English but friendly prompt service. And Dr Miyaji is very nice

KUSURI AOKI – Typical Western style pharmacy.

Honey Supermarket has a limited selection of items but its cheap.

Gourmet Supermarket. Good cheese selection and a wine cellar/room. There’s also a laundromat and a barbershop on the compound.

HEARTS Supermarket
Good Quality items. A bit pricy but at times worth it. They also have an in-store bakery and deli.

YOUTH Supermarket
YOUTH/ YU-SU Decent Supermarket. good selection of veggies and meats. they have an in house brand called Valour: Canned foods, toilet paper etc. thats priced considerably cheaper


Belgian Beer Bar. ¥2000 nomihoudai on 0 NIGHTS (10th 20th 30th). Good food menu as well ( pasta, curry, finger foods). Nice Shot Pool Hall. A friendly place which is popular with the Brazilian expat crowd in Fukui as well as some JETs. It’s off Akarabashi-dori, just south of Sakura-dori in Koyo-cho. A table is about 600yen for an hour.

Bear’s Bar / Routes
BEAR’S BAR It’s close to the station and centrally located. The atmosphere is great in summer, the kimchee pizza is better and the drinks are all 500 yen. Karaoke has also been known to occur. ROUTES …

Great Kebab Sandwiches (pita pockets), pizza and pasta. Reasonably priced. Good for drinking too. They usually play western music. Good food and drinks.


Kaiten Sushi shop.. Cheap yummy sushi.

No explanation necessary. its KFC

The best Italian Food in Fukui.

French restaurant. Put you nice clothes on and go have dinner with friends.. this place is NICE! A little pricy but it IS French Cuisine. Dinner runs you around ¥3500.


Shopping Centre.

Prism: The station plaza. Pharmacy, Supermarket, Sushi shop, Ramen Shop -HACHI (8) ban-ramen. A few cake shops, and a CHAO and FamilyMart Conbini.

Another mall. It’s a smaller version of the one at LPA. No starbucks but there is a Baskin Robin’s! (31)

Another WAI Plaza but this one is a Mall. Therese also a bowling alley in the compound.

Supermarket, Hardware and Home Centre. 3 Floors with anything u can possibly need.