Care Packages for Sexual & Domestic Violence Victims

Now more than ever, incidences of domestic violence have risen globally (with some institutions/safe havens reporting a 100% increase) as more and more families are in the same space and in constant contact for longer than usual. That is why it is important to show support for these victims by giving them feel-good care packages and other necessary donations.

FJET is working with a local Domestic and Sexual Violence center to provide 15 care packages to women at the center. I would like to deliver these care packages to the center by May 29. The care packages will include:

  • 1 canvas or see-through bag  (in which the items will be placed in) 
    • If you donate this, it is best to donate all 15 of these. 
  • 1 calming scented candle
  • 1 calming scented lotion
  • 1 gel body wash
  • 1 container of bath salts/bath bombs
  • 1 cute/colorful hair scrunchy
  • 1 beauty face mask/pack
  • 1 cloth face mask (new edition for the current situation) 
  • 1 handwritten card in Japanese (English may be acceptable as well.)
    • You don’t need to write your name on this. Also, this is a great opportunity for artists to design these. 

NOTE: We are only accepting unused travel or medium-sized bottles of the lotions, body wash, etc. 

If there is something on this list you would like to contribute 15 of, contact the Volunteer Coordinator before purchasing.

Some people have already bee in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator about donating, but if you have been in contact with her about donating something, please also sign-up with the Signup Genius form. Below is a link to sign up to pledge a donation.

In addition to the roughly 15 care packages that will be donated, the center is in great need of sized-small sweatsuits/sweats and underwear, and would also like sized medium, if possible. *Clean, hole and stain-free used sweatsuits/sweats and underwear (bras, etc.) are acceptable for donation.  

If you are willing to donate clothing or items for the care packages, please fill out the sign up sheet and email to arrange pick up/drop off. 

Don’t forget to spread the word throughout the community to your friends, teachers, coworkers, etc. You don’t need to be a JET to donate!

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